Finding Success & Happiness – All-Or-Nothing

A particular type of highly destructive self-talk is “all-or-nothing thinking”. To ensure you don’t do it, watch out particularly for the words “always” or “never” in self-talk: For example, “I always fail at everything I do” or “I’ll never learn how to do split-testing”.

All-or-nothing thinking is just another way of beating yourself up, and strips away both personal power and confidence.

If you catch yourself making an all-or-nothing statement, re-frame it instantly to a more realistic, empowering thought.

Are you a catastrophizer? Is every setback that happens the end of the world? Do you scream things like “my business is FINISHED” if your mouse dies, instead of simply changing the battery?

Yes, this is just another form of beating yourself up. Even if you do experience a disaster—for example, a power outage occurs and you lose a graphics file you’ve been working on for hours—realize that in the large scheme of things, this is frustrating but not really the end of your world.

Treat it as a learning experience. You got this!

There are many things in my life that work well, but many things just don’t and if you are like me these are the things that could be keeping you from your ultimate success and happiness. 2019 is the year to make some big changes!

Please follow along and let’s stretch our limits and change our habits that no longer work – together. Over the next couple of months, I’m sharing some mind-hacks to help you create a whole new way of thinking for 2019 geared to propel you towards not only your goals but a happier, successful life.

If you want to take it a step further and find success, you can sign up for my wealth building workshop designed specifically for busy female entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to build your dream life? Even though it won’t happen overnight, it IS possible to make serious change, so you can recognize the right earning opportunities for your business.

I encourage you to dig even deeper and take ACTION in four areas of our business: finances, streams of income, investing, and business expansion. These are the pillars of my newest online workshop, “Wealth Building Strategies for Female Entrepreneurs.”

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Photos by: Twinography Studio
Photoshoot location: Steveston Village in Richmond, B.C., Canada

Isabella Oliver Ltd. (Canada)

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