How Having A Side Hustle Will Increase Your Career Success As A Mom

When you are in your next job interview and your potential employer asks what you do outside of work, what do you say? Do you tell them about your side business? There is a common misconception that having a “passion project” or “side hustle” that makes you money outside of your full time job will make you less successful, and less focused, for your employer.

However, the opposite is true. By having a side business, you are showing ambition. You are building your network and personal portfolio. You are in a constant state of learning whereas many employees may not be, putting you at an advantage. Knowledge is power.

If you do not currently have a side business, I challenge you to start one to accelerate your career. 

Even if it’s blogging to build your writing portfolio (contact us to contribute a post to Empress Avenue). Not only will you make some extra cash, but you will become more successful in your career.

Here’s why:

  1. You will build a personal brand. This one is at the very top of my list for a reason. You need to establish yourself as an expert outside of your employer. Your personal brand is a transferable asset no matter what job you’re in. Many public relations students come to me for advice on getting started in their careers and this is because I have established myself as an expert in the field. (If you work in PR, join us over at the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations).
  2. You are passionate about what you do and conscious of how you spend your time. As the title of this article suggests, having a “passion project” will make you happier with your accomplishments. When you feel you are moving forward in your career, even if it’s outside of your day job, you feel more confident in your abilities. Naturally, this confidence will translate into the workplace. You will also become better at juggling multiple projects and managing your time. No more wasting hours daydreaming, that time is now allocated for learning new skills and finding new clients. With only 24 hours in the day, you will now be carefully weighing if something is worth your time and energy.
  3. You will expand your knowledge and skill set. If you are a freelance writer, you will be spending time researching new trends and reaching out to experts for quotes to include in your articles. You are learning something in the process and able to transfer these skills to your employer.
  4. You will grow your professional network. By engaging in different types of activities, you will be reaching a broader audience and expanding your network. If you are looking for new clients, you can meet people online (I’m a big fan of Twitter!) and offline at industry networking events. For me personally, working as a public relations and communications professional during the day, blogging has allowed me to network (and be inspired) with business owners globally.
  5. You will have something to fall back on. With an unstable economy we are seeing more and more layoffs. But, if you have projects on the side, you will have a form of career insurance that keeps you relevant and continuing to earn money while you look for a new job (or decide to launch your business full time).
  6. You have the ability to fail. By growing your business on the side, you have the luxury to fail and learn from your mistakes. In the process, you may also learn that your “passion project” isn’t something you particularly enjoy and have the luxury to try something completely new (while collecting a full time paycheck).

Do you currently have a side hustle? Tell us about it! We are always looking for inspirational women in business to feature on our blog. Contact us! If you are ready to take the next step with your business, Pink Pearl PR is here to help.

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