How To Blog For Business And Share What You Love

One of my goals this year is to become very specific with what I’m offering to my audience. You may have noticed that I have multiple platforms where I share my PR advice, events and creative projects.

PR Advice:

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One online platform I’ve been neglecting is my personal blog, which I’ve recently turned into an online store!

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My mission with my blog is to share some of the business strategies I’ve learned so that my readers can skip a few steps! This month, I’m going to share some of the things that I’ve learned about blogging for business so make sure to follow along.

I see so many bloggers just sharing pictures without a purpose. If you want to make money with your blog you need people to start reading it, interacting, and sharing your links and articles.

You might think that being a general catch-all for every topic in your niche will bring in more readers. Not so! Make sure your blog and your social media platforms are based around one niche specialty – something you can become known for and that people will associate with you and your brand.

I encourage you to set up a quality blog or tweak your own that you might have been neglecting to become a powerful resource! Get very specific about what you offer to your audience and stick to it.

That’s when you’ll see your monetization efforts start to pay off. Again, follow along as I share some of my best tips for monetizing your blogging efforts on the @taliadavispr Instagram channel.

Read my personal articles: and shop our Instagram posts on @empressavenue

Remember, the most important thing you can do is to stand out by being yourself, not trying to mimic every other blogger in your field. Do the stuff you enjoy. Blog about it. Be creative. Share the tips and secrets that interested and worked for you. Share your journey and take your audience along with you.

Being yourself is the best way to develop a strong blogging voice and identity – and that’s bankable!

Take the time to consider what topic gets you going…

This is a topic that you find easy to discuss, you’re eager to share ideas, and you can virtually hold an impromptu lesson for your audience on it. If people pick your brain or ask you about it, that topic is your potential gold mine.

You need to build your blog about it and then you can add in other creative projects to share with your audience. Monetization is easier when you build your blog around a single topic that you love talking about – you’re more likely to see more and more opportunities for natural monetization. Personally, being overly sales-y is not my style!

Most blogs fail because people are hit-and-miss about them. A blog is like any small business. It takes time and consistent habits to build it up, but if you invest the time to do this and you are strategic about it, one day when you least expect it – perhaps much sooner than you thought, if it’s a labour of love – you’ll find yourself making money from your blog.

What are your tips for blogging for business? Are you making money from your blogging efforts (directly or indirectly)? Please share with me on the @taliadavispr Instagram channel.

xo Talia

Isabella Oliver Ltd. (Canada)

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