The Public Relations Academy Opens for Enrollment

Talia Beckett-Davis, President of Women in PR North America and Managing Director of Pink Pearl PR, launches the Public Relations Academy.

The Public Relations Academy helps entrepreneurs and creative service professionals develop a well-planned brand strategy and launch a new product or service into the market using public relations tactics.

Members will learn how to increase website traffic, sell more products, attract advertisers, and build an online following that attracts brand partnership opportunities and media attention using the power of influence and publicity.

The Public Relations Academy is unique as it includes all the brand building elements essential to making a big PR splash. Members are provided with the tools they need to create a memorable brand – brand messaging templates, brand story exercises, media kit samples, key dates for PR program planning, interview checklists, pitch templates, interview examples, PR coverage tools and social media tools.

Investing in your own public relations expertise or your team’s expertise can strengthen your current marketing efforts and bring enormous benefits to your business.

“You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, your business won’t last long. You will learn how to connect with the media, build profitable relationships and get your brand featured in high-profile publications,” explains Beckett-Davis.

Members can participate from anywhere in the world as the entire program is digital and accessible through a private program site.

Register here: 

About Pink Pearl Public Relations  

Pink Pearl PR is a stylish, boutique public relations agency, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in luxury female marketing for baby, kid’s and women’s lifestyle brands. The Fempreneur Podcast, hosted by Pink Pearl PR, is the place to be to learn about marketing, branding and public relations as a female entrepreneur.

Media Contact:

Talia Beckett-Davis 

Isabella Oliver Ltd. (Canada)

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