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You have probably heard about the most popular travel destinations in Europe, such as London, Rome, Paris or Berlin. But what about the other little gems that are off the beaten track? 
There are many other lesser known travel destinations in Europe that are well worth discovering. TRULY Experiences, the UK’s leading provider of unusual gifts for men and women, take us through some of the best. 



It’s one of the most gorgeous spots in Europe, but you might not have heard of it. Nestled in the Julian Alps, the glassy surface of the lake reflects the surrounding mountaintops and the fairy tale church steeple on the rock island in the middle of the water. You can enjoy paragliding and river adventures here in this postcard-perfect hidden paradise, as well as hiking, swimming and white water rafting in the area.

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This lovely French town offers a cathedral which is twice the size of Notre Dame in Paris, yet it offers much fewer crowds than the capital. It’s a beautiful place to stroll down the streets admiring the medieval architecture and snack on tasty local pastries such as the macaron d’Amiens. Try one at Jean Trogneux, where they have been perfecting this treat for five generations.



A beautiful and welcoming city, Lugano offers plenty of villas, historic buildings and peaceful green parks. It has the atmosphere of a small town, yet all of the facilities of a world class city. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains and blessed with a mild climate, the town has many Mediterranean style squares in which many festivals and events are held throughout the year. This is a popular city with art lovers, at it is home to several superb museums showcasing works by Renoir, Klee, Degas and many other



One of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Andalucía, Ronda is perched high on a plateau above the El Tajo Gorge. It was established in the 9th century BC and the city centre dates back to Islamic times when it was filled with important mosques and wealthy palaces. The city has a colourful past in Spanish folklore and it was also a favourite spot of many Romantics in the late 19th century. Several well renowned artists and writers have mentioned visiting Ronda, including Alexandre Dumas, Ernest Hemingway, Rainer Maria Rilke and Orson Welles. Why not see for yourself what inspiration the spectacular cliff-side architecture will bring?



A magical world of misty forests, ancient castles and gorgeous palaces, Sinta is an unforgettable hidden gem in Europe. This town was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its many 19th century Romantic architectural monuments. Take your time and explore the town, as well as the surrounding mountain landscapes – you will feel like you are wandering through a fairy tale.

These are just a few of the best hidden gem holidays to enjoy on your travels through Europe. They are not the most well-known locations, but they are certainly worth the trip away from the beaten track!


TRULY Experiences offer luxury experiences, from restaurant gift vouchers, to European mini breaks.

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